VUB & KU Leuven Master of  WRE Fully-funded Scholarships 2024: (Deadline 1 February, 2024)

Do you envision your future professional life as a scientist effectively contributing to the development and management of water resources? The Master in Water Resources Engineering (WRE) is an interuniversity programme (KU Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) offering multi-disciplinary education in the in the field of water resources engineering, focusing on the use of numerical simulation tools and integrated water management. This two-year Master’s programme (120 ECTS) aims to equip future professionals and scientists with the technical and managerial knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to successfully plan, design, operate and manage water resources projects, as well as advise and support authorities in decision-making and development of policies and regulations that enhance safe exploitation and reuse of water, and equitable distribution and the conservation of local, regional and global water resources.


VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and the South, that are searching for answers to global and local challenges.

VLIR-UOS Master of Water Resources Engineering (WRE)

  • Type Masters
  • Organisation VLIR-UOS
  • Country to study Belgium
  • School to study KU Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Course to study View courses
  • State of Origin
  • Gender Men and Women
  • Application Deadline 1 February, 2024

Aim and Benefits of VLIR-UOS Master of Water Resources Engineering (WRE)

Fully funded scholarship.

VLIR-UOS Master of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) Courses

  • Water Resources Engineering (WRE)

Requirements for VLIR-UOS Master of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) Qualification

Candidates that meet the following criteria* may apply for an ICP Connect scholarship:

  • Nationality and country of residence: Candidates must be nationals of one of the 29 eligible countries and must be a resident of one of these countries (not necessarily the same country) at the time of application.
  • Age: Candidates cannot be older than 35 on January 1 of the year of intake for an initial master and 45 for an advanced master.
  • Professional background and experience: Preference will be given to candidates employed in higher education, government or civil society, or those targeting a career in one of these sectors. Candidates employed in the private sector or newly graduated candidates with no work experience may also be considered if they provide a strong motivation and profile.
  • Scholarship applications:?Candidates may apply for only one ICP Connect scholarship application per year. Candidates cannot receive any other scholarship or grant to participate in this study programme or another programme simultaneously.
  • Previously awarded scholarships: Candidates may not have previously received a scholarship from the Belgian government?to attend a study programme and may not have enrolled in a study programme at a Belgian higher education institution before January 1 of the year of intake.

*Please note that additional criteria may be imposed by individual institutions. These can be found under the drop-down menu ‘more detailed information & application’ on this page.

Interview date, Process and Venue for VLIR-UOS Master of Water Resources Engineering (WRE)

Within the ICP Connect framework, scholars are seen as potential agents of change that may contribute to societal change in their home country (or region) after completing their studies. Scholars are selected following an objective evaluation of their scholarship applications based on the following criteria:

  • Motivation: Candidates’ motivation and professional goals must reflect their competence in transferring knowledge/skills or setting up extension activities and highlighting themes relevant to sustainable development and pertinent to the study programme. Not only are academic results important, but so are – especially – the potential and  commitment of the candidates to become an ‘agent of change’ after completing their studies.
  • Professional experience: Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate a greater chance of implementing and/or transferring newly gained knowledge/skills upon completion in a sustainable development context, such as in the higher education sector, government, civil society or the private sector, thereby contributing to positive societal change.
  • Gender?balance: A balance between male and female candidates awarded ICP Connect scholarships is targeted. VLIR-UOS strongly encourages female candidates to apply. Read more about?our gender policy here.
  • Regional balance: A reasonable cross-section of scholars from different countries and regions is targeted, provided there are sufficient qualified candidates.
  • Leave No One Behind (LNOB): In case of equally qualified candidates, preference will be given to candidates from vulnerable groups.
  • Previously awarded scholarship: Preference will be given to candidates who have never received a scholarship to study in a higher income country (bachelor or master).

Application Deadline

1 February, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to VLIR-UOS on to apply

  • Please complete your online application, and submit your recommendation letters before 1 February 2024. Applications and documents received after this date will not be taken into consideration for the scholarship.
  • We advise you to use your desktop, laptop or tablet computer and not your smartphone when completing your application.

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