NESA CAMIS User Guide: Steps followed to Access CAMIS via Web Portal as a Teacher

Live link for actual teachers accounts

CAMIS Home page

Step 1: Create CAMIS account

To create an account you need:

●To be a registered teacher

●Know your national ID/ Teacher Unique ID from MINEDUC

Step 1: Click on the Create account button

Step 2: Enter your Rwanda National ID or your MINEDUC number

Step 3: Click to Search teacher

Unsuccessful search

If you get this error:

●Check if you entered your Rwandan ID/Teacher  ID number correctly by carefully entering your number then search again

●Use the alternative option

❖As a headteacher/DoS you should make sure you upload all the teachers details on SDMS. This includes the teachers’ class and subjects.

❖Failure to assign teachers classes and subjects means they cannot upload marks.

❖Ensure the details are updated as soon as the teacher asks you so that they can access CAMIS.

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