Some people are born angry: Implications from research on right- or left-handedness



You may benefit from lying on your left side when you get to bed, while someone else may benefit from lying on your right side, all involuntarily.


It has been shown that these preferences have an impact on the quality of sleep you are having and can also have an impact on your mood and the type of music you listen to.





On the subject of lying down, it may happen that couples who discuss the side of each other will lie down because it is the one that suits him best, according to a recent study by the British polling agency Sealy UK, which looked at the behavior of 1000 people based on how they sleep.

The results showed that people who lie on their left side, learn to cope with stress and fatigue, and help them to cope with problems calmly, and in addition, a group of people who lie on their left side, are characterized by making friends more easily and more often. hope lives on the vision of life.



7Sur7 reports that there is another such study conducted by the Premier Inn hotel, where it was conducted on about 3,000 adults so that the results also confirm the results of Sealy UK, while on the other hand, this study showed that those who tend to sleep on the side of the On the right they see the opposite of what was said about the worshipers on the left.




Another concern is that people who wake up with their left foot on the ground are more likely to sleep on their right side.







Benefits for people who sleep on their right side have been shown, including that they can earn more according to a survey of people from all walks of life, even though those who sleep on their left side are more likely to find a stable job.

Leftists are said to be able to think in a broader and more complex way, including the ability to solve problems, as reported by the American company Slumber Cloud in a study conducted in 2020.


Left-sided sleepers have been found to like rock music, goofy movies, and even kiss their lips while right-sided sleepers like rock music and fight movies.

Of all people surveyed by Premier Inn, 75% indicated that they have a favorite side of the bed that they would not want to change.


The way a person sleeps has been shown to affect their behavior.