prayer that chase bad spirits

If you’re seeking protection from negative energies or asking for help to dispel bad spirits, it’s important to approach the situation with respect and a positive intention. Here’s a simple prayer that you can use as a form of spiritual protection:

A Prayer for Protection Against Negative Energies:

“Dear [Higher Power/Universe/God/Goddess],

I come to you in this moment, seeking your divine protection and guidance. I recognize the presence of negative energies around me, and I ask for your help in dispelling them.

I surround myself with your loving light and positive energy. May this light be a shield, protecting me from any harm or negativity that may come my way. I ask for the strength to overcome any challenges and the wisdom to navigate through difficult times.

I release any fear, doubt, or negative energy that may be lingering within me. Fill my heart, mind, and spirit with love, positivity, and peace. Let your divine energy cleanse and purify my surroundings.

I call upon your angels, spirits of light, and positive forces to stand guard and watch over me. Banish any negative entities or energies that seek to harm or disturb my peace.

With gratitude and trust in your divine protection, I move forward in love, light, and positivity. May your blessings surround me always.

Amen/So be it.”

Feel free to adapt this prayer to align with your personal beliefs and spiritual practices. Remember, intention and sincerity are key when saying prayers for protection.