Prayer that chase bad Demons


prayer that chase bad Demons

If you’re seeking a prayer for protection against negative or harmful forces, it’s often helpful to approach it with sincerity and a strong intention for positive energy. Here’s a simple prayer that you might find useful:

A Prayer for Protection Against Negative Forces:

In the name of the Divine and all that is good, I call upon the light to surround me.

I cast away all darkness, fear, and negativity, Expelling any bad demons that may seek to harm.

May the protective forces of love and light Shield me from harm and guide me on my path.

I am a vessel of positivity and strength, No negative energy shall find its way within.

With the power of the divine, I banish all that is harmful and embrace the light.


Feel free to adapt this prayer according to your beliefs and personal preferences. The key is to speak from the heart and affirm your intention for protection against negative influences.