Parents, here are things you can do for your child to grow up smart



Although you can’t guarantee that your child will be a genius like Einstein or Banyaga as they are called among scientists, there are things you can do for your child as he grows up to help him improve his level of intelligence. Among them are various games, and other things that require the child to think so that his brain is awake.

From birth to 2 years of age, the baby’s brain develops rapidly as it learns to walk and talk

But between the ages of 3 and 5 it slows down again. Instead, they began to attack him and those around him.

Here we have prepared for you different things that you should do and train your child who is over 3 years old to prepare him to be smart.

  1. To be close

This is called in English “one-on-one time”. This is the first thing that parents are required to do in order to develop the intelligence of their children; However, because of life, the time parents spend with their children is becoming less and less.

Although at this age the child needs freedom, the time you spend with him helps him learn a lot. Even if you are in the housework, it is good that he is near you, it helps him to expand his mind.

  1. Read him a book

Even though you know he doesn’t appreciate what you read to him, it still makes his brain work. In addition to raising the level of intelligence, it also helps the child to get used to reading and love it so that when he gets to school it will not be difficult for him. They also teach him how to speak his native language.

In choosing books for the reader, it is better to choose books that contain stories of his age, that teach math, all letters, and books that require simple exercises that you do such as combining things, …

  1. Simulation games

Although it starts at a young age, mostly between the ages of 3 and 5, children begin what we call “child’s play”.

There is a child who played Rambo, Jet-Lee, playing father and mother, often the games they play are related to the life they are in, and what is around them, and what they see.

Although these games may seem funny, they help the child learn to be responsible.

When a child builds a car, builds a house, pretends to be a policeman on the street, that’s how he uses his brain.

So these games also help him with his speech because he does all that and talks

  1. Communication

The way a child interacts with his friends, in the games they play, how they interact with each other as neighbors, helps him increase his knowledge.

Only the research shows that children who don’t often show sociability are the ones who have a high level of intelligence, who are successful in school, but you find that they have nothing to do with intelligence because they know more because they don’t socialize. Even if their life is not good, they will get sick, even at work and they will do poorly because of being a traveler.

That’s why encouraging your child to play with others and socialize with them is important in preparing him for his future.

  1. Games like games

Some games exist only for fun and laughter but there are also games that help the mind to grow and think.

For adults these games are like playing cards, checkers, and other games that require the use of the brain.

For children, even though these games help them use their brains, they are games that have rules that govern them.

In addition to the fact that these games help the brain to grow and also help the child learn to be patient when he loses, not to discover, and strive to win the next game.

There are some tools that are intended for children to play with, which require assembling them to create something (jigsaw puzzle).

  1. Teach him another language

Research shows that children pick up a second language faster than adults. That’s why in preschools, children catch up quickly and quickly pick up what they’ve been taught in other languages. Just remember that the mother tongue is the language that the child will grow up to speak and understand most people, so you will get the first place.


Nowadays, due to the development, the phones come with various games and the television programs contain children’s shows. Although this is good, it would not replace the normal method and should be given a little time because even the light that is included can damage the eyes of children.

Instead of buying children’s television subscriptions, buy toys that are age-appropriate and help him develop his brain.

In any case, your responsibility as a parent is to be close to the child, to help him in certain games and to teach him how to play, according to his age, and to read a book at least every day before going to bed.

What we are saying is not only to help the child grow mentally, there are other things that you can do differently, but all of them are aimed at making his mind work.

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