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#1. An electronic device that accepts in put data , process and produce out put results is called

#2. __________ is a software we use to do something on internet.

#3. We can use _________ to search form information world wide

#4. A collection of millions of webpages is known as_____________

#5. ___________ is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web (WWW)

#6. The role of search engine is to allow users to find________ information from the web

#7. The following are the main techniques of conducting internet search except __________

#8. The documents returned by the search engine are called __________

#9. The basic search techniques that involves searching for one or more words with a collection of documents is called _____

#10. Most search engines give general information . They are examples of GENERAL SEARCH ENGINES. The general search engines can be classified into three categories as follow, except

#11. The most popular search engine is __________

#12. The online encyclopedia that allows anyone to search and edit articles is called _______

#13. Which from the list is not a search engine __________

#14. Another name of Targeted search Engine is ________________

#15. The international network is also known as _____________


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