How to avoid bed accidents during sex

If you try other ways of having sex between couples, it can increase the quality of the process, but the research shows that all the positions (positions) used in having sex are not good for health, so there is a possibility of endangering those who choose them.


It was a study conducted in Brazil and the results were published in the medical research journal Advances Urology.

It has shown that there are ways in which people can have sex that results in male genital or genital injuries.

It is a study based on the statistics of those who go to three hospital services that receive pain and those who need emergency care between the years 2000 and 2013 in the city of Campinas, which is located near Sao Paulo.

Researchers have focused on how sex offenders use it to find the most common risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

It is an injury known to be accompanied by severe pain, severe constipation, a condition known as “le faux pas du coït”.

According to Brazilian researchers, these accidents are more common when sex offenders are lying down while the woman is on the floor. They found that among people who have had these accidents in bed, about 50% have this problem.

Another method that can cause serious damage to the penis and even damage parts of the female genital area, is known as “L’Andromaque” where the woman is on top and the man is on the bottom, so that it causes a risk of 21 % for men and 29% for women.

If you experience this injury or other injury during sexual activity, experts recommend that you go to the doctor immediately and receive emergency care within 12 to 24 hours and after that abstinence for at least six weeks.

Statistics show that every year in the world about 0.6% die or die shortly after the operation.