The Chemicals and waste Management Sector Specialist Under Contract at SPIU REMA: (Deadline 27 October 2022)

Job description

  • Manage the overall conduct of the project;
    • Plan the activities of the project and monitor progress against the approved workplan;
    • Oversee the outsourcing by competitive tender, monitor the procurement of works, goods and services for the project and ensure execution according to the rules and guidelines in conformity with the procurement procedures manual;
    • Execute activities by managing the personnel, goods and services, training and low-value grants, including drafting terms of reference and work specifications, and overseeing all contractors’ work;
    • Monitor events as determined in the project monitoring plan, and update the plan as required;
  •  Provide support for completion of assessments required by UNDP, spot checks and audits;
    • Manage requests for the provision of UNDP financial resources through funding advances, direct payments or reimbursement using the FACE form;
    • Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial reports;
    • Ensure that project’s financial management arrangements are being managed in conformity with the project’s financial management manual, and that all payment vouchers and payment orders are correctly authorized thereby ensuring that all expenditures are justified, within budget frames, and in line with project’s objectives;
    • Monitor progress, watch for plan deviations and make course corrections when needed within project board-agreed tolerances to achieve results, ensure that changes are controlled and problems addressed;
    • Perform regular progress reporting to the project board (Project steering committee) as agreed with the board, including measures to address challenges and opportunities;
    • Prepare and submit financial and technical reports to UNDP on a quarterly basis;
    • Manage and monitor the project risks – including social and environmental risks – initially identified; assess new risks associated with COVID-19 pandemic and its response measures; and submit new risks to the Project Board (Steering committee) for consideration and decision on possible actions if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining the project risks log;
    • Capture lessons learned during project implementation;
    • Prepare revisions to the multi-year workplan as needed, as well as annual and quarterly plans if required;
    • Prepare the project inception report after the inception workshop;
    • Ensure appropriate public relations, awareness creation and marketing of the project among stakeholder groups and the public at large;
    • Organize and facilitate stakeholder consultations and project review meetings as required;
    • Ensure that the indicators included in the project results framework are monitored annually in advance of the GEF PIR submission deadline so that progress can be reported in the GEF PIR;
    • Prepare the GEF PIR;
    • Assess major and minor amendments to the project within the parameters set by UNDP-GEF;
    • Monitor implementation plans including the gender action plan, stakeholder engagement plan, and any environmental and social management plans;
    • Monitor and track progress against the GEF core indicators;
    • Support the Mid-term review and Terminal Evaluation process of the
    • Undertake closing out activities for the project which include final financial, procurement, and technical reports, and the handing over of documents;
    • Undertake any other activity that may be necessary for the effective management of the project;
    • Proven working experience should be related to Chemicals and wastes management and environment protection;
    • Familiar with development Projects/programs’ implementation procedures and guidelines;

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences

5 Years of relevant experience

  • Master’s Degree in Environment Chemistry

5 Years of relevant experience

  • Master’s Degree in Chemistry

5 Years of relevant experience

  • Master’s Degree in Environment and Natural Resource Management

5 Years of relevant experience

  • Masters Degree in Biochemistry

5 Years of relevant experience





Competency and Key Technical Skills

  • N/A
  • Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.
  • Inclusiveness
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Client/citizen focus
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment to continuous learning
  • Waste management skills;