50 Job of Sales Agents at SCIANDA GROUP: (Deadline 28 February 2024)

150 Job of Sales Agents at SCIANDA GROUP: (Deadline 28 February 2024)


SCIANDA GROUP LTD founded in may 2021, set out itself to be a leading Global company in sale of vehicles (Brand new & Genuine used), sale houses & commercial buildings, car rental, e-commerce (www.sciandamarket.com), etc.


Role and responsibilities : 

  • To sell all products and services provided by the Company .
  • Report the obtained business and follow it up in collaboration with the company’s     sales team (where necessary);
  • Initiate the first contacts by identifying the customer needs.
  • Communicate and discuss quotation of different products and service with the client (and provide feedback to the company.
  • Gather necessary data that enable the company to provide a quotation to the client.
  • Make a presentation of the quotation, in case there is a tender and participate in the submission of   bids, opening of tender then follow up of the business and collaborate with the company’s sales team in all processes.
  • Follow up the quotation until the Contract is signed, paid and make sure it is delivered to the client.
  • To keep all the customer and company’s information in a confidential manner.
  • Make visits to the clients to maintain a good relationship with them on behalf of the company.
  • Inform sales and Operations Teams of the difficulties encountered with the client and threats from the competitors if any;
  • Pay a good attention to the clients and furnish them with all needed information in relation to products and services they need;
  • Keep records of all businesses and negotiations clearly indicating the status and level of progress made in each business and produce monthly reports .


  • Having a certificate of Secondary school.
  • Having a Professional certificate in Sales and Marketing is advantageous.


  • 1-5 years in sales And Marketing.

To apply, send your CV and Cover Letter to info@sciandagroup.com not later than 28th February 2024. Please note that only competitive Candidates will be contacted.