Look around the opportunities

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For you to make a profitable business, you should generate and develop new idea that is unique from your competitors.

Here are the tips that should help you to identify the unique idea:

1.Think of innovation that may come from problem or the opportunities hoping to make an innovative and creative solutions.

Make a note that there are a lot of solutions on one particular problem.

Plenty of opportunities around there
creative idea, way to succeed

2. Something that make you sleepless or you concern about or that thing you are passionate about can help you to identify the idea.

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until you find Idea.

3. write down the problem you want to solve and your contributions as solutions to that problems.

Try to brainstorm all solutions.

Make research: show the facts including percentages that there is a serious problem. sometimes people sick and they don’t even have a clue that they sick, make them know that.

Make research on related problem.

4. Think about the sustainability of the Idea.

Is it something that is short or long lasting?

state what will make you stay in the market.

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sustain the Idea
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