20 motion topics for debate in kids

Certainly! Here are 20 motion topics suitable for debate in kids:

  1. Should students have homework every day?
  2. Is it better to have a pet or a sibling?
  3. Should children be allowed to use smartphones?
  4. Is it important to wear school uniforms?
  5. Should junk food be banned in schools? 
  6. Is it better to read books or watch movies?
  7. Should schools have shorter or longer breaks?
  8. Should students be allowed to bring their own laptops to school?
  9. Is it fair for parents to give allowances to their children?
  10. Should schools teach coding to all students? 
  11. Is it better to learn a musical instrument or a sport?
  12. Should there be a limit on screen time for children?
  13. Is it important to learn a foreign language in school?
  14. Should students have the freedom to choose their own extracurricular activities?
  15. Is it better to study alone or in a group? 
  16. Should schools have a longer summer vacation?
  17. Is it important for kids to learn about money management in school?
  18. Should there be stricter rules about bullying in schools?
  19. Is it better to have a small class size or a large class size?
  20. Should students be allowed to have their own social media accounts? 

These topics can spark interesting debates and encourage children to think critically, express their opinions, and develop their communication skills.