20 Job Positions at the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB): (Deadline 27 July 2023)

About RSSB

The Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) has the mandate to manage and promote social security in Rwanda. RSSB’s vision is to provide a comprehensive social security system that caters to the diverse social security needs of the population, RSSB plays an important role in realising Vision 2050 and the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1). RSSB manages six social security schemes, namely: Pension, Occupational Hazards, Medical scheme, CBHI, Maternity Leave Benefits and EjoHeza (Long-term Term Saving Scheme).



As a leading player in the financial sector, RSSB serves as the largest institutional investor in Rwanda. With assets under management amounting to 1.9 trillion Rwf, which is equivalent to 17% of the country’s GDP, RSSB invests in key sectors of the economy and plays a crucial role in providing up to 20% of liquidity for the financial sector. With approximately 12 million members in the above six schemes, encompassing close to 90% of Rwanda’s population, RSSB is at the forefront of securing the health and financial well-being of Rwandans.





To achieve its important mandate, RSSB is embarking on a transformative journey, aiming to become a modern, data-driven, and high-performing institution. As part of this ambitious initiative, we are seeking highly motivated individuals who are results-oriented and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. By joining RSSB, you will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the advancement of social security and overall transformation of Rwanda.




If you are passionate about making a meaningful impact, ready to embrace innovation and change, and eager to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, then RSSB is the place for you.

Current jobs

Title City Contract Type
Application Engineer Kigali Permanent
Back-End Engineer Kigali Permanent
Company Secretary Kigali Permanent
Front-End Engineer Kigali Permanent
Head, Administration Kigali Permanent
Head, Branch Coordination Kigali Permanent
Head, CBHI Kigali Permanent
Head, Communications And Corporate Affairs Kigali Permanent
Head, Compliance Kigali Permanent
Head, Contribution Kigali Permanent
Title City Contract Type
Head, Ejo Heza Kigali Permanent
Head, Finance Kigali Permanent
Head, Fixed Income Kigali Permanent
Head, Health Benefits Package Revision Kigali Permanent
Head, Internal Audit Kigali Permanent
Head, Medical Insurance Kigali Permanent
Head, Pension And Pre-Retirements Benefits Kigali Permanent
Head, Performance, Talent Development And Change Kigali Permanent
Head, Strategy, Research, Innovation And Policy Kigali Permanent
Head, Supply Chain Management Kigali Permanent
Title City Contract Type
Product Owner Kigali Permanent
User Interface (UI) Designer Kigali Permanent