Here are 7 things you should do immediately after sex.

Usually, people tend to focus on the things that a person should do before having sex and ignore the things that they should do after it to make life better.

Experts in the field say that there are many ways people should behave after having sex.

  1. Going to the bathroom

Experts say that during sex, microbes can enter the urinary tract, as in women, so going to the bathroom after sex will allow these microbes to come out.

Not going to bed after sex can increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

  1. Purification

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, an American sexologist, says that after having sex

The first thing you should do is take a shower.

In particular, you should wash the private parts with running water, or wipe them with a clean cloth.

According to him, “This makes you feel better and prevents you from getting germs like UTIs that cause you pain.”

  1. Wear loose fitting pants

Rodgers says that after sex it’s best to change the panties and choose to allow her private parts to air and wear cotton and not tied around her ankles.

  1. Talk to your sexual partner

There are people who end up having sex and then have sex, for example on the phone.

This is a serious mistake because each of those who were sleeping should ask each other how the action went, what the experts

they say it helps the body to release the hormone that creates love between couples called ‘oxytocin’.

Chamin Ajjan is a licensed Psychiatrist and Counselor.

when it comes to sex, he says that post-sex conversations build trust between you.

You can also discuss your future wishes, your goals for that person, or anything else you see in them.

It’s important that you both talk about it.”

  1. Drink water

So it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water close by when you’re about to have sex or if you’re hoping that water is nearby.


Rodgers says it’s important to drink water after sex because you end up with vaginal discharge

A lot of waste, sweat, dirt etc.

According to him, “this protects you from dehydration and helps you quickly recover lost energy.”

  1. Eat a light diet

What Chamin Ajjan and Rodjers have in common is that after having sex a person should eat something light such as nuts, or

Both of you go to the kitchen and prepare a meal and share it.

Ajjan says that “this gives them enough time to keep feeling each other and keep talking.”

  1. Gratitude

Karla Ivankovich, a dating counselor at One Global Health, says it’s important to tell your partner what you love.

when you come out and do it immediately, the oxytocin hormone is still high in your body.